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Stevie J Moves to the Burbs

Join Stevie J on a Hilarious Journey Through Suburban Chaos in Stevie J Moves to the Burbs!

Additional information

Title: Stevie J Moves to the Burbs

Pages: 27

Dimensions: 8.25 x 6 inches

Format: “Not for Kids” Picture Book

Language: English

Published: April 2024

Prepare to laugh and cringe along with Stevie J as he navigates suburban life in the latest installment of Stevie J’s Life Lessons, originally featured on ChadO’s Minute on Kill Tony.

Stevie always saw himself as the king of his suburban castle, but reality hits hard as he faces mishaps with lawnmowers and awkward encounters with neighborhood associations. Authored by stand-up comedian ChadO, this not-for-kids book captures Stevie’s hilarious misadventures with his trademark mix of optimism and cluelessness, as seen on his popular Kill Tony appearance.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Stevie J or just discovering his antics, Stevie J Moves to the Burbs promises laughter and entertainment from start to finish.