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Stevie J Gets Older

Explore life’s absurdities with Stevie J Gets Older!

Additional information

Title: Stevie J Gets Older

Pages: 25

Dimensions: 8.25 x 6 inches

Format: Picture Book

Language: English

Published: February 2024

“Stevie J Gets Older” isn’t your typical picture book. In these colorful illustrations, ChadO takes us on a brutally honest journey through the darker side of aging, where life’s annoyances take center stage.

Amidst the relentless march of time, Stevie J grapples with the daunting challenges of adult life, including the looming shadow of a “needy wife.” With a twisted sense of humor, ChadO navigates the treacherous terrain of matrimony, offering morbidly amusing insights into the struggles of growing older.

This picture book, part of the “Stevie J’s Life Lessons” series, dances on the line between grim and cringe, inviting readers to revel in dark humor that lurks beneath the surface of the mundane. While the illustrations complement the narrative, adding a visual dimension to the story, it’s important to note that this series is not for kids.

“Stevie J Gets Older” offers a fresh take on life’s tragic realities through the lens of dark humor and parody. So, if you’re ready to explore the shadows of adulthood and appreciate humor that resonates loudly, start your collection of “Stevie J’s Life Lessons” today.