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Kelsey Hudgins, better known as the Yonder Wizzerd on the Kill Tony circuit, is making a name for himself in the Austin comedy scene. After debuting in Austin just over a year ago, he’s been working hard to make his mark as a stand up comic and even as a door guy at some of the most popular comedy clubs. With his unique brand of humor and wit, Kelsey is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in town!

Show Transcript

he episode begins with friendly introductions, setting the stage for an entertaining discussion. Yonder Wizzerd, an experienced comedian, shares insights into his comedy journey, while Kelsey Hudgins, another talented comic, adds humorous stories to the mix. They discuss the vibrant comedy community in Austin, Texas, and the impact of comedy giants like Joe Rogan on the local scene.

This segment offers a delightful mix of humor, personal anecdotes, and insights into the comedy world.

They discuss topics like his experiences with virtual reality (VR) chat, how Red Band often takes over open mic rooms in VR, and the welcoming nature of the VR community. He touches on how people use VR as a way to socialize and overcome social anxieties.

Yonder Wizzerd delves into his introverted nature and preference for online hangouts, in contrast to in-person social gatherings. He shares his insights into the world of virtual interactions, offering a unique perspective.

The conversation takes an introspective turn as they discuss Yonder Wizzerd’s previous role as a doorkeeper. They reflect on the challenges he faced in maintaining boundaries while interacting with comedians and event-goers. This part of the conversation sheds light on the complexities of balancing personal relationships with professional responsibilities.

The focus then shifts to Yonder Wizzerd’s current endeavors in music and comedy. He shares exciting news about his upcoming gigs, particularly at the Mueller Alamo Drafthouse, where the “Barrel of Fun” provides an unconventional stage for his performances. Yonder Wizzerd describes his approach, which involves combining music and comedy to create a memorable experience for the audience.

The conversation takes an introspective turn as they explore the dynamics of social interactions, personal boundaries, and the art of gracefully saying “no.” Drawing from his experiences as a doorkeeper and his transition into an entertainment career, Yonder Wizzerd provides valuable insights into navigating the intricacies of the industry.

As the discussion nears its end, ChadO inquires about Yonder Wizzerd’s plans for the future, specifically whether he intends to incorporate more music into his performances. This inquiry offers a glimpse into Yonder Wizzerd’s artistic journey and what lies ahead as he pursues his passions in music and comedy.

This segment of the show offers a delightful blend of anecdotes, career transitions, and the pursuit of artistic passions. It’s a testament to the diverse experiences and talents that make the journey a unique and engaging story.

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