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ChadO specializes in dark comedy intended for an adult audience. His comedic style is characterized by ironic misdirection, dry delivery, and a psychopathic presence.

His jokes often take the form of long-winded narratives that can be seen as offensive or inappropriate. He is known to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable and to make fun of taboo topics.

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ChadO is an American comedian performing controversial material all around Austin.
He is also an optioned Los Angeles writer, director, business founder and podcast host.

He has been featured on numerous podcasts, including Kill Tony, Birthday Boys, Dad Brain, and Hans Kim’s Other People. He is the host of ATX Comedy Review and Toking Today.

He has performed at Rogan’s Comedy Mothership, Velveeta Room, Cap City, Sunset Strip, among others.

ChadO is in the process of composing his debut novel, a psychological thriller that promises to be full of unexpected plot developments and suspenseful moments. 

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