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For today’s aspiring comedians, making it onto the legendary stage of “Kill Tony” is a dream come true.

It’s a place where they can test their wit, humor, and stage presence.

But for ChadO, this dream took some synchronicity, patience, and 63 sign-ups to realize.

ChadO’s journey into the comedy scene is a testament to determination and the pursuit of one’s passion.

He was inspired to move to Austin, Texas, with the goal of conquering the comedy circuit.

With a relentless spirit, he committed to performing at 15 open mics a week, honing his craft and working his way up the comedy ladder.

Finally, the stars aligned, and ChadO received his bucket pull to “Kill Tony” #630 at Rogan’s Comedy Mothership. The episode was legendary, with guest panelists Sam Tallent and Adam Ray as Dr. Phil, and it has since been hailed by many as one of the best in the show’s history.

ChadO kicked off his set with some laughs on marriage material, setting the tone for a memorable performance. He nailed the timing, finishing his set just seconds before the infamous “Meow,” an indication of the conclusion of a comic’s time on the show.

Dr. Phil (Adam) connected with ChadO, and the two engaged in a hilarious rapport, even bumped fucking mics. The camaraderie and energy in the room were palpable.

The podcast’s host, Tony Hinchcliffe, known for his sharp wit and quick questions, delved into ChadO’s 24 years of marriage and the 63 sign-ups.

ChadO admitted that nerves got the best of him, and he couldn’t answer Tony’s questions as he would have liked.

But what sets “Kill Tony” apart is its vast audience reach, and even seasoned comedians can find themselves caught off guard by the show’s unique format.

At one point, Adam Ray gives this beautiful advice, “You got real and you weren’t trying– that I got very invested in.”

The funny thing is, later when we talked, ChadO didn’t think he did well on the interview. But Adam is right. It’s the moment ChadO set the writing aside, go vulnerable, and started being the Chad that I know.

ChadO’s realization that he had finally gotten pulled was beautifully understated.

He sent me a simple text, a picture of his tiny joke book, to share the good news.

It was a moment of sheer pride and accomplishment.

But the “Kill Tony” experience doesn’t stop at the taping.

After waiting for three damn weeks, ChadO’s episode finally aired.

ChadO’s podcast co-host, Zach Leboza, was one of the few who knew about ChadO’s experience.

They shared the moment, watching the episode together on ChadO’s phone, making the experience even more surreal, because they were both at yet another Kill Tony taping.

I’m really glad he had someone there with him as he watched the comments pouring in faster than they could read them, filled with a range of emotions, from love to hate, and everything in-between.

As the weeks went by, ChadO reflected on the experience on his podcast, acknowledging what went well and what he could improve.

He is filled with a sense of accomplishment, having achieved a goal that many comedians aspire to—landing on the top comedy podcast.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Adam Ray, one of the guest panelists, even shared videos of the episode as highlights, and the connection between them felt real.

The support and exposure from the “Kill Tony” experience were both thrilling and surreal.

ChadO’s journey in the world of comedy has been an exhilarating ride, with a little shock along the way, especially when I became the subject of some of the jokes. Nevertheless, it’s his journey, and it tells a story of tremendous dedication to studying and writing, stemming further back than his comedy career.

So, what’s next for ChadO?

With the experience of “Kill Tony” #630 under his belt, who knows what comedic heights he’ll reach next?

The journey continues, and one thing’s for sure: ChadO is making his mark in the world of comedy, and it’s an exciting ride for all those who follow his adventures.

To watch the episode and experience the journey, check out the link here: Kill Tony #630

Written by: ChadO’s Wife 😊