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Interview With Kyle Trek


  • we are treated to comedic accents by Kyle
  • a holiday-themed podcast
  • the tea on October happenings on the ATX comedy scene
  • how he came up with his Killy Tony minute
  • we learn what happens when a ride share driver loses their vehicle

Show Summary

Kyle Trek, a comedian who had a car accident that totaled his car, has returned home to Ohio. Before the accident, he was sleeping in his car for a while and finding success with stand-up comedy in Austin.

As life would have it, Kyle’s car was totaled in late October. Unable to find another way of transportation for himself–he decided it was time for him to fly back home.

Kyle was working as a door dash driver who totaled his vehicle and lost income. Kyle’s life changed in an instant when he had an accident with his car. He went from making $300 per week to zero.

Despite this plan-halting event, Kyle is in good spirits during our interview. Kyle has been doing stand up comedy in Austin for around two months. In this time, he has learned many different ways to study the audience and what makes them laugh.

In this interview with ATX Funny’s ChadO, Kyle shares his insights on how to be a successful comedian and what he has learned about the audience. He also talks about how he approaches this work as an performer and how to use comedy as a tool for entertainment.

A comedian may lose an audience for a variety of reasons. They may be tired and need to take a break, or they might not have the right material for that night, or their jokes might be sensitive for some folks.

One of the most common ways to lose an audience is by going too far with humor. And that’s what happened with Kyle as he recalls a time when he lost the audience by prolonging the material.

“People have a time date kind of like food. You have to get rid of ’em,” Kyle says. This was something he discovered after watching his Kill Tony show “30,000” times. Kyle goes on to tell us his first ten minute spot came from meeting Hank Garza at Anderson Mill– a comedy venue in North Austin after just completing a Door Dash delivery. (13 min mark)