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The Vintage Swank of The Velveeta Room


If you find yourself on the vibrant Sixth Street in downtown Austin, don’t miss the iconic Velveeta Room comedy club, nestled at 521 E 6th St. For three decades, this long-running comedy club and bar have been a haven for local stand-up acts and open mic nights in an intimate setting.

During my visit to The Velveeta Room, I noticed this legendary comedy club proved to be more than just a venue; it was an intimate haven where laughter echoed through a packed house, creating an unforgettable evening. Upon arriving, I was immediately struck by the cozy, vintage ambiance that defines The Velveeta Room. The colorful walls, the intimate setting – it all contributed to an atmosphere that felt like a well-kept secret in the heart of Austin’s bustling entertainment district.

What caught me off guard, in the best possible way, was the sheer number of people packed into this seemingly small space.  The intimacy of The Velveeta Room, with its vintage swank, transformed the night into an immersive experience, making every punchline hit just a bit harder. There’s an undeniable respect commanded by the Old Showbiz energy that rendered the atmosphere ethereal.

One can’t help but feel a tinge of nostalgia upon entering the building, almost as if the energy from previous performances lingers in the air. It’s this feeling that makes you wonder – maybe this place is haunted, not by ghosts, but by the echoes of countless tales that have reverberated within its walls.

As with any comedy night, there were moments that soared and others that stumbled. Yet, that unpredictability is what makes live comedy so intriguing. The diverse range of acts, from the uproarious sets to the ones that missed the mark, contributed to the authentic charm of The Velveeta Room.

In the end, my night at The Velveeta Room was more than a visit to support my husband; it became a personal comedy journey. It was a reminder that comedy, in its raw and unfiltered form, has the power to bring people together, creating moments that linger in the heart long after the laughter subsides.

Every Thursday night, The Velv plays host to live, uncensored stand-up comedy with different lineups every week, including their popular open mic sessions. This corner location, affectionately known as The Velv, has been a staple in the Austin comedy scene since 1988, when Ronnie, Michael Shelton, and Shannon Sedwick joined forces to bring a unique brand of laughter to Sixth Street.

The Velveeta Room has weathered the comedy landscape, and its enduring success speaks volumes about its commitment to fostering a space where comics can let loose both on and off the stage. It’s not just a club; it’s a cozy respite from the hustle and bustle of Dirty Sixth – a place built by and for comics.

The venue’s history, marked by its transformation from a topless bar known as The Embassy Room to The Velveeta Room in 1988, adds an extra layer of charm. Inspired by the Vegas lounge lizard character Ronnie Velveeta, created by comedian Kerry Awn, the club has retained an old-world charm that feels like a step back in time to the golden era of showbiz.

Esther’s Follies, born out of Esther’s Pool, was the precursor to The Velveeta Room, starting in 1977 and evolving into a vibrant comedy venue. The intimate setting, dimly lit stage, and the unique placement of bathrooms – all contribute to the vintage allure of The Velv. The shared bathrooms offer a glimpse into the shared space, with hairpins and pieces of wigs telling stories of frantic preparations for performances at Esther’s Follies.

The Velv is not just a venue; it’s a living, breathing archive of entertainment, embracing each visitor with its rich history and intimate charm.

For those looking to dive into Austin’s fastest open mic scene, The Velv offers a no-lag, no-drag experience. With a history rich in laughs and an intimate ambiance, The Velveeta Room stands as a testament to Austin’s reputation for funny business. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the comedy legacy – check out their open mic sign-up at Come see why it’s Austin’s fastest and most exciting open mic night!