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Austin, TX – February, 2024 – Renowned as a comedy hub, Austin, Texas, has inspired comedian ChadO’s latest creation, ‘Stevie J Gets Older.’ Released in February, this picture book-style humor treasure kicks off the ‘Stevie J’s Life Lessons’ series.

Packed with dark, cringe-worthy humor, ‘Stevie J Gets Older’ shadows the escapades of Stevie J, facing a mysterious dark secret that threatens his life. Amid the chaos, Stevie J tackles adult dilemmas, striving to keep his wife content, crafting a riotous tale perfect for mature audiences.

Illustrated by ChadO’s wife, April Olshavsky, the book’s vibrant art brings Stevie J’s world to life, enriching the reading experience.

Behind the Scenes

The creation of “Stevie J Gets Older” was a true team effort between comedian ChadO and graphic designer April Olshavsky. ChadO developed the character of Stevie J through his stand-up routines in Austin, while April lent her 20 years of graphic design experience to bring him to life visually.

Their collaboration wasn’t without its challenges, as they worked to find the perfect balance between ChadO’s humor and April’s artistic style. As husband and wife, they navigated these challenges with open communication and compromise, ultimately creating a character that resonates with readers.

Now on Amazon, ‘Stevie J Gets Older’ beckons readers to embark on a side-splitting journey, deemed a not-for-kids gem.

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Character Breakdown

Meet Stevie J, the unconventional protagonist in "Stevie J Gets Older" by comedian ChadO. He's not your typical hero, reveling in dark humor and bold irreverence. Join Stevie J as he navigates the messy, crude, and often offensive situations of adulthood, fearlessly confronting life's absurdities with humor. This book isn't for the faint-hearted or the young—it's for mature audiences seeking the darker side of comedy.

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