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Interview With Sam Kiper


Here’s a recap of the latest episode of ATX Comedy Review, featuring your host ChadO and co-host Derek Dimpfl. They’re joined by the fantastic Sam Kiper, and they dive into the exciting world of comedy events. Sam talks about his recent experiences, from performing at ‘Other People’ and ‘Banana Phone’ to running the show at Madrone Coffee Company. The gang discusses their time at Kill Tony, with Sam recalling his memorable appearance and ChadO sharing some insights into the bucket system. They even touch on Sam’s magic tricks and the infamous 17-minute performance!

Derek, the co-host of ATX Comedy Review, shares some insights from his previous show and its job interview format. Sam Kiper explains how it was an opportunity for people to relax and be themselves by promoting alcohol. It’s a lighthearted conversation about how being a little goofy and a bit high can actually make job interviews more comfortable. Plus, they touch on the benefits of being a bit high during workouts and how it can help with social anxiety. A candid and amusing chat that keeps the laughs rolling.

They talk about tolerance breaks for smoking, comedy routines about taking breaks, humor, British humor, circumcision, and the effects of mushrooms. Additionally, the conversation touches on getting banned from Instagram due to mentioning OnlyFans and the acquisition of a marijuana company by a Jamaican firm, as well as transitioning into a consulting firm after a settlement. It also briefly mentions marketing strategies. 

To end the podcast, they talk about the importance of investing in oneself and working hard to pursue one’s dreams, especially in industries like comedy. They mention the challenges faced by aspiring comedians and emphasize the need for individuals to put in effort before seeking help. The discussion also touches on the support received from family and the difficulties of pursuing dreams in industries that may not be fully understood or accepted by society. 

🔗 Link to the full podcast episode