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Meeting Tim Warner

Show Notes

Tim Warner got surprisingly heated! Join ATX Comedy Review as we share on a fiery exchange and the questions that pushed the boundaries.

In the latest episode of ATX Comedy Review, ChadO sits down with special guest Tim Warner to delve into the world of comedy and the Austin comedy scene. This episode is an engaging and insightful conversation that covers a wide range of topics and provides a glimpse into the comedy culture in Austin.

Tim Warner, a seasoned comedian, starts by discussing his journey to sobriety and the challenges he faced in the early days of his recovery. Despite some rough moments, including a particularly tough performance at the Velveeta Room, Tim’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to staying sober shine through.

The discussion then shifts to Tim’s experience on the famous “Kill Tony” podcast. He reflects on his performance, acknowledging that the interview portion of the show was much more successful than his stand-up set. Tim attributes his success during the interview to Tony’s guidance and the opportunity to showcase his true self.

ChadO and Tim also explore the evolving comedy scene in Austin, including the potential impact of new comedy clubs in the city. Tim expresses his excitement for the changes and emphasizes the importance of a comedian’s mindset in adapting to the evolving landscape.

The conversation transitions to the up-and-coming comedians in Austin, highlighting talents like Derek Paulson, Sona Mod, Genevieve, Marcus, and Casey Rocket. Tim Warner recognizes the transformation and growth of these comedians and acknowledges the diverse and vibrant comedy community in Austin.

The conversation concludes with Tim’s reflections on the future of comedy in Austin. He predicts that the opening of new clubs will alter the dynamics of the comedy scene, causing audiences to be more selective about where they spend their entertainment dollars. Tim Warner emphasizes the importance of selflessness and the role of individual comedians in shaping the comedy culture in Austin.

Overall, this episode of ATX Comedy Review offers valuable insights into the life of a comedian, the challenges they face, and the ever-evolving comedy scene in Austin. It is a must-listen for comedy enthusiasts and anyone interested in the creative and dynamic world of stand-up comedy.